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The gemology is the science that studies precious stones, calls also GEMS.

Which thing is the gems?

The gems are some minerals










The gems, like all the objects that they encircle to us, are constituted from small microscopical particles calls atoms.

What is the atoms?

You tries to imagine a wall.





nThe wall is composed from many blocks. 

In the same way all the things are formed from small blocks call atoms .




All the animals are made from atoms 


The clouds, the sun, the plants, your notebook, your machine are composed all from atoms.




Also you, your mother and your father are constituted from atoms



The atoms are similar to small invisibles littles ball.

Only thanks to instruments are observed many able particular to magnify until 10.000 billions of times



But the atoms are all equal ones?

90 types of various atoms in nature exist. Every atom has a various name. The name comes indicated with a symbol.

For example the oxygen (O) that breaths is a type of atom, the salt from kitchen is made from atoms of Sodio (Na) and Chlorine (Cl)


Did you know that in a spoon of salt are

(10 mila billions of billions) of atoms of Chlorine and (10 mila billions of billions) of atoms of Sodio?




We return to gems.

The gems are stones composed from atoms. These atoms offer all in ordered position as they make many soldiers.





In gems the atoms are therefore order and form many geometric figures.




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